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Toolkit bag - branding cource

Final Project branding course we should choose a classmate and brand him on various characteristics.
Branding purposes we created an organization called "VaNa'ase" designed to transfer knowledge from parent to child.
To convey the message that we have opened a website which detailed the activities of the organization.
Bag is the last and final part of the course, the case is a toolkit designed to transfer knowledge about making parent to child.
Bag made of linen and oak laminate method.
It is designed to be used also for carrying tools and walk around every day:
It contains a round chamber in the bottom carrying heavy tools, a hammer or a bottle of water
Round top drawer small objects such as nails or bolts and keys and small change.
Central compartment or from the food and place screwdrivers or pencils at the front.


Collaboration with Chen adler