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Antomical Models

Custom-made Anatomical Models for Display, Validation, and Training based on CT scan


NPI for 3D printing

Repair, modify, digital painting and optimize 3d files for 3d printing

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Medical Innovation through Advanced Technologies

At Tal m3Dical, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the medical industry through the use of advanced technologies. As a leading provider of custom-made anatomical models for medical implant companies, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including CT segmentation, 3D modeling, 3D printing, digital painting, and NPI for 3D printing.

Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has enabled us to deliver high-quality, patient-specific anatomical models that are crucial in aiding medical professionals in making informed decisions and improving patient outcomes.

Our services cater to both medical and NPI departments, providing accurate, detailed 3D anatomical models that help visualize complex anatomies, train medical professionals with devices and implants, and validate products on real 3d anatomical models. Our digital painting services further enhance the models, making them even more useful and informative.

In the NPI field, we are committed to reducing the cost of 3D printing and improving the quality of finished parts. Our NPI services include 3D modeling, file preparation for 3D printing, repair 3d files, modification, and optimization of 3D files to ensure that the parts are 3d printable and meet the high standards required for different applications.

At Tal m3Dical, our goal is to help YOU to achieve your objectives through the use of advanced technologies. With a team of experts and state-of-the-art technology, we are confident in delivering results that meet your needs, whether you require a 3D anatomical model for displaying your product, training the medical teams with your product, validate your product or solutions for 3D printing.

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